Introducing the Killer Team 90 Day 
Coaching Intensive 

Build your custom Killer Team Framework 1:1 with a Coach!

  • The entire framework. Instant access to 20+ Coaching modules by Shawn Lovejoy. 
  • 1:1 Personal Leadership Coach. A Pastor/Practitioner Coach will meet with you regularly for contextualization & accountability. Your coach will also be ON RETAINER for you during the entire process. When stuff hits the fan, they are available to you THAT DAY. 
  • ​Tools & Templates. Dozens of templates & tools ready to use for you & your Team. 
  • A promise. We'll help you build your entire customized Killer Team Framework in 90 days or less...or refund your coaching!

All you a Coach.  

Implement your CUSTOM Killer Team Framework and Move Forward Faster, with Less Drama

30% Attendance Increase in 90 Days

after Learning to Unite Individuals Around a Common Vision

Mark led great from the stage (and could inspire a crowd), but he had a difficult time transforming individuals into a common vision. 

Mark and his church experienced— 

➡️ A new unity & synergy among the team

➡️ A 30% increase attendance within 90 days of registering for coaching

Three Steps to Building Your Killer Team:

1. The Framework. 

Receive instant access to the 
complete Killer Team framework

2. A 1:1 Coach. 

You don't just need more content. 
You need a Coach! 

3. A Killer Team. 

We'll help you build the entire framework for a Killer Team in 90 days or less...or refund your coaching. It's that simple. 

What Others Say About Killer Team Coaching

Discover How to Find Next Level Leaders

Pastor Chris Johnson

Chris reached out to us for coaching because he felt he had untapped potential. 

His sensed this in his leadership, as well as his church.

In his own words, “Michael Jordan had great athleticism, but he still needed Phil Jackson to get a ring.”

Many "People Issues" are Systems Issues

Pastor Mark Wagnon

Mark is now able to evaluate his staff on a weekly basis. In his mind, he thought regular questions “was micro-managing.” 

However, he’s learned NOW that asking the right questions helps resource your leaders to lead at a higher level. And, he’s discovered that whereas staff leaders don’t want to be managed, they DO want to be led.

Will It Fall Apart If I'm Not There?

Pastor Davelon Carr

Davelon tapped into a common concern among pastors…

Many wonder what WOULD happen to the church if they left…

… and not just left permanently, as in a hand-off, but what might happen if they took a few weeks off, for an extended vacation? 

… or if they took a 2-3 month long sabbatical?

You Can Only Give Away What You Have

Pastor Joel Sosa

In his mind, the leader gives away what they have…

Joel used to give away dysfunction and illness. Not, he imparts health and wholeness to others. 

That’s one of the results of coaching. 

It changed him, which transformed his team, which overflowed into his entire ministry. 

Built a Team and (Finally) Broke Through

Pastor Dave Tralango

Dave Tralango came for coaching because, as he describes it, “We continued hitting a ceiling. We couldn’t break 400…”

“I couldn’t build teams,” he confessed. As a result, he couldn’t implement the vision God placed on his heart for the church. 

With a few adjustments, things changed!

Decide What Cost You Prefer To Pay

Pastor Brandon Anderton

Notably, the top two reasons people tell us they do not do coaching are: 

➡️ Time = they don’t have enough of it

➡️ Money = they lack it

Brandon says, “Yes, there is a cost. But, if you don’t find the time, not having an expert help you will cost you MORE time…”

Furthermore, “Going at it alone will also cost you more money.”, Inc.  | Copyright ©2022